Rite-Media Printable Textured WALLPAPER allows you to decorate large wall spaces and can be used as custom wallpaper
applications for Hotels, Real Estate offices, restaurants etc. Rite-Media Printable Textured WALLPAPER allows for speedy
installation. Designed for printing large format digital-covering WALL graphics using Eco-Solvent or Solvent inks.
Rite-Media Printable Textured WALLPAPER is easily and quickly installed using wallpaper paste available from your local paint
or hardware store. Easy to print, trim, roll & ship in a tube anywhere in the world. Can also be used with Picture Wrap Frames,
POP displays, and as window dressing and other interior decoration.

Rite-Media Printable WALLPAPER is available in 3 Textured Designs:

• Rite-Media Printable Wall Paper, Driftline Finish, 42inx164ft.  $ 149.99 US
• Rite-Media Printable Wall Paper, Frosty Finish, 42inx164ft.     $ 149.99 US
• Rite-Media Printable Wall Paper, Sand Finish, 42inx164ft.       $ 149.99 US